* Conference Information [#i3315c6f]

** [[The First International Workshop on Challenges on Massively Parallel Processors (CMPP2011)>CMPP2011]] [#s970e6d2]

Now available for submittion of your papers!!

* Yamagiwalab High Performance GPU Cluster Information [#s54de8b8]
Please refer the link below for GPU cluster.

[[Yamagiwalab GPU Cluster]]

- Web cam

* GPGPU applications [#ee9d226d]

- [[Kernel Polynomial Method]]

- DICOM image service

* Links [#a7fb0a6c]

- Yamagiwa Lab at Kochi University of Technology

- Shinichi Yamagiwa homepage

Check [[Access Log]]
[[New! Access Log:http://streamcomputing.jp/bbclone/]]

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